Radio GPS buoy schema

The GPS satellite buoy system allows the position and battery level of buoys to be received at all points of the globe and at regular intervals. Each model offers unique features depending on specific needs: the M3I + has a dual-frequency sounder, the MSi transmits its position and the surface temperature, the MLI collects surface current data, MLI-S sends an alert message in case of animal capture, the MGi uses a Geofence system. In order to receive messages from these buoys and to transmit tele-commands, the user has the choice between reception by email or reception by satellite antenna MSR or MSR2, systems specifically developed by Marine Instruments in order to optimize satellite communication costs.

Satellite GPS buoy schema

The GPS radio buoy system is specially adapted for vessels wishing to track their fishing gear within a radius of 50 nautical miles. This system, based on 26 MHz radio transmission, uses a 2.4m whip antenna and a receiver connected to the PC or a tablet. Without communication costs, the vessel can receive the position of its gear at regular intervals (5, 10 or 15 minutes). The buoys emit their position, water temperature and battery level in an encrypted format on a dedicated frequency that only the owner vessel receives on board. The MSB software for this system presents a mapping of the area, position of vessel and buoys, and several other features such as fishing line break alarm, buoy drift monitoring, automatic position export to MAXSEA.

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