French leaders in instrumentation and information systems for fisheries

Created in 2007 by fisheries engineer Gildas Bodilis, ISI-FISH based in the port of Corcarneau, Brittany is today the leader in buoy instrumentation for French tuna fishing. Our company is known for its knowledge in the field of state-of-the-art information systems to help commercial fishing and ocean observation.


ISI FISH is the privileged advisor of French tuna fishing fleets, these companies rely on us to provide advice and equipment for their operations; our company also work with smaller, artisanal fisheries, coastal management programmes and maritime researching bodies who count on us for our advice and expertise.


Over time, we have developed an international network of partners in the fisheries sector, from technicians to re-sellers and providers throughout France and worldwide, we are present and waiting to respond to our clients wherever their vessel is based.

Our Team

Gildas Bodilis, a fisheries engineer created ISI FISH to provide fishing companies with services and advice in the field of oceanography and instrumentation as a decision support tool, auditing and consulting in support of development projects.
Having spent 10 years as R & D manager in one of the largest tuna fishing companies in France, Gildas has exhaustive expertise in defining decision support tools for tuna fishing vessels and fleets:

  • implementation of environmental data integration systems coupled with capture information;
  • interpretation of oceanographic data and development of fishing recommendations;
  • optimisation of telecommunication facilities;
  • participation in the development of FAD buoys;
  • definition and development of monitoring interfaces for the parameters of freezing and conservation of fish on board;
  • development of a white paper of best practices for the conservation of fish on board.

Since 2012 he has been accompanied by Cyrille Bodilis, a fisheries engineer, who began her career as a scientific observer on board trawlers and tropical tuna seiners before using her expertise in the management and structure of the fishermen’s association, Cornouaille. Cyrille has therefore implemented programs of action on:


  • renewal of the fleet;
  • promotion of trades and products;
  • energy savings;
  • the conservation of products on board;
  • collaborative R & D projects

The team is today reinforced by Joanne Vallon, in charge of marketing and communications as well as seeking new business opportunities and liaising with International clients. Joanne is a native English speaker.

The commercial development and the daily life of the company require an administrative management ensured efficiently by Martine Piriou, our accountant. 

Science, innovation and shared expertise for the benefit of the profession

A scientific approach and a constant approach of innovation and progress in the service of professionals are values that guide us within ISI FISH. Established by professionals for professionals in the sector, ISI FISH has perfect knowledge of the fisheries, oceanographic and technological environment.

“Being at the heart of the business”, we can advise you to accompany professionals and offer solutions that are as close as possible to their problems in order to facilitate decision-making, reduce costs and ensure sustainable exploitation of resources fisheries.

A proximity that allows us to provide and advise shipyards, fishing companies and institutions of all sizes, adapting each time to the constraints of the vessels, the environment and the challenges. We also participate in research and development projects, audit and consulting missions.

Available and responsive, our team is ready to listen to its customers “365 days a year” to train, accompany users in the first set-up, follow them in troubleshooting. We invest on the ground, embark on board ships and collaborate with our technical partners and suppliers in order to provide the whole of the profession with feedback and develop new applications to meet the needs of our customers.

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